There is glitz all around our children in every form of media. The sad
thing is that today’s glitterati are tomorrow cast-offs. When they’ve
passed their peak of popularity children are encouraged to move on to
the next rising star. Sadder still, many celebrities follow lifestyles that
we would not want our next generation to copy.
Irene Howat’s Story-a-Month Club will introduce seven
to thirteen-year-olds to real heroes and heroines, men
and women who started life as ordinary children like
Club members, but who grew up to be used by God in
interesting, courageous and life-changing ways. It aims
to set their imaginations on fire.
The web-based Club’s annual subscription is £12, however
many children are in a family. On the first of each month members will
receive their new story by email along with the same story in pictures to be
coloured and an activity sheet based on that month’s character. If provided
with an A4 folder, they can make their own totally unique illustrated books
of heroes and heroines. Members will also be sent a birthday greeting.
Irene has written nearly 50 books for Christian Focus Publications,
about 30 of them for children, and has translations in 15 languages as
well as in braille. Most of her books are about ordinary people whom
God has used in extraordinary ways. None of those whose stories are
told are perfect, but all are inspirational. None are glitzy, but all are truly
great. So when it comes to glitz or greatness, her Story-a-Month Club
offers children a monthly injection of true greatness to interest, excite
and inspire.
Learn more here:


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