Sunday School


Dear Parent,

We have a vibrant Sunday School which meets at 10 am (presently decanted to Town Hall during erection of our new building) for the first part of our church service, with a Children’s Address (often using PowerPoint) before the children go out to their classes to learn spiritual and moral principles which, we trust, will be of great benefit to them as they face the challenges of life. Our Sunday School department would like to invite your child / children to also benefit from our twin Sunday School aims of Christian education and spiritual development, i.e. what God teaches about Himself and how life is to be lived to the full. To this end the children will be taught from the Word of God and about the place Jesus Christ plays in the purposes of God and living the Christian Life. The creative ‘Go Teach’ curriculum for Sunday School classes is used and enjoyed by teachers and children. The Government’s Child Protection Policy is in place.

Parents sometimes find difficulty in teaching their children spiritual and moral truths which they recognise they need to know and it is the purpose of our Sunday School Department to help parents to do this.

These Sunday School classes are timed to conclude at the end of the adult service in the church—so that families can come to church and go home together as a family.

We do hope you will consider very thoughtfully the importance of your child’s / children’s moral and spiritual growth, and that you will accept our invitation to be of assistance in this vital task.

With every blessing to you and your family,

Minister and Kirk Session

Fortrose Free Church of Scotland.


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